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Our Gardening Tips

                 Tips on Animal & people safe homemade Pesticides:

There are many non-toxic tricks for discouraging pesky animals around the yard and garden.

  • Fungal Diseases:

To control fungal diseases, such as powdery mildew and black spot, mix one teaspoon of baking soda in one quart warm water.  Add one teaspoon liquid dishwasing soap.  Apply to leaves as a spray.

  • Slugs/Snails:

Countersink tin cans (such as tuna-fish cans) in the garden and bait them with beer or grape juice.  Slugs are drawn to the beer and juice, fall in and don't get out again.

  • Aphids, mealybugs, mites:

Soap spray: Mix on teaspoon dish washing soup in one gallon of water.  Test-spray a few leaves of the affected plant; if no damage results, spray the whole plants.

Water your lawn and landscape plants very early in the day.  If water runs off the lawn instead of soaking in, water just to the point where runoff begins; then turn sprinklers off and let water soak in.  Repeat until the root zone is wet 6-8" deep.  Control weeds; they guzzle water.

Average lawn water time is about 10-15 minutes each morning....set your timer for 5:00am.  Evening water causes mold/mushrooms to grow.  Watering during the sunny day time hours can burn your lawn.  Don't over water.  Too much water can cause root rot and fungal disease.


During drought season it is important to deep water your tree (s) twice weekly, preferably in the evening.  If your tree seems stressed, call a professional to look at it.  Remember, it takes less time and expense to install a lawn than it does to grow a tree!

Most trees in the Sacramento area are over 25 years old.  Therefore, if you need to choose between watering your lawn or watering your trees, choose your TREES.  The best time to do major tree trimming is between September & February.

  Happy Gardening!         




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